Tuesday, January 01, 2008

These Seven Things

Good things come in sevens.

I've been tagged by the famous Norma-- she is blogging royalty. The meme is called --

7 weird/random things about me

Here are the rules:

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[Norma's comment, ditto from Laundress:
I'm pretty sure I've done this one before--but here goes. The fact I'm doing this means I'm out of topics.]

1. I have only one blog. It is not very popular (er, that is an understatement). Are blogs in general fading away or is it just that mine is well under the radar? Should I be trying to "grow" a readership or keep it to myself?

WHY do I blog? Why do YOU blog? I LOVE blogging but I do wonder why I do it. I tend to cringe and shut away the thought whenever it crops up, but ... why blog?

2. Norma sez:
I hate to exercise, sweat, or breathe hard. I know it's good for me, but I've never liked it, and guess I never will. But right after I wrote this I went outside and walked a mile because the sun is shining. When I was 43 I joined an aerobic dance class and lost 20 lbs. But I still hated it...

Laundress: agree with what the Norma said, except that I am walking 6.48 miles every work day (well, not on Fridays because that is a late night, but yep even on Saturdays). Cheerfully self-identified now as a walking commuter. Loving it because walking makes me happy.

Why does walking make me happy? Bi-lateral rhythmic movement is a healing therapy? Hearing the horny Great Horned owls is cheery?

Dunno! Don't care. I have given up three anti-depressant drugs, two pain pills and two sleeping pills (all prescription and I have a feeling they were interacting with one another in strange and unfortunate ways).

Since quitting the drugs and taking up walking... well, I had a REALLY bumpy path at first (withdrawal? anxiety?) but now... no turning back. Walking is a forward motion, it is taking me in the right directions. Even when journeying from hell (to lesser-hell?) and back every day.

Alas, so far I have lost NO weight, due to indulgence in wicked all-you-can-eat Indian luncheon buffets and HEARTY weekend breakfasts. Must find more self-discipline and avoid those delicious luncheons. Also 16 ounce roasted almond "snacks". New Year resolution: brown bag all the way. Veggies. No more nuttiness.

3. I was a lousy student--high school was mostly F's and incompletes, and I spent my teen years completely wasted. I've sort of forgotten the details. Wait, there were no details only fuzzy generalizations. Nope, no clear idea when I finally saw the light. BUT I do most surely know that life is better when sober and unimpeded by chemicals. Honestly, I was a bright kid and an excellent student until thoroughly derailed by... stuff.

4. I still have all my permanent relationships. Even the primary ones: I still love my nursery school teacher. My mentors (who were all insane but I just did not know that as an impressionable child) are still major players in my current life. I have a lot of private conversations with dead people. No, I am no Sylvia Browne (though my voice is surely approaching hers) but I do think it is okay to have vivid memories and great love for those who are dead. I think at this point (age 45), I do love as many dead people as living ones.

5. I never worked in the first profession for which I trained --social work. Except informally. That was how I found out all people with developmental disabilities loathe social workers. I get along very well with people who have developmental disabilities. I do not get along well with people who are successful at being middle class super moms (or their ilk).

6. When we first became parents, I was 32 and my husband 54. We were finally ready. Neither of us could have been good parents two years or ten years earlier. Especially as co-parents. We have done a GOOD job with our first child. Even better with the second one.

When we had our second child, I was an elderly mother, age 36 and my husband was 58. This did NOT seem at all unusual at the time. Now, I sometimes wonder at our audacity or naivete or whatever it was that made us feel equipped to bring fellow humans into this goofy world. But who IS better equipped? Certainly many have done worse. I have know 16 year old single moms who were terrific and 29 year old couples who did suck. Raising kids is HARD. It brings out the best and the worst in parents aka people.

We have terrific kids and we are so glad we had them.

If you aren't a parent but wish to be one?

Don't worry about your age or lack of it. I think a 59 year old single adoptive dad or a 17 year old single mom or whatever in-between would be fine as a parent. It is not exactly a precise equation.

Also, I am most surely convinced that carrying a baby has NOTHING to do with parenting. So birth parents are surely fine people but the adoptive parents who raise kids are the real and true parents. It is all of those hours spent together that matter. My two cents on adoption aka nature vs. nurture.

7. I adore guinea pigs. Plus all other non-human animals even lowly ones (invertebrates and single-celled animals are okay by me!) I LOVE earthworms and pillbugs. Fishes. Salamanders. Anything that comes out of an egg. Secretly think that people with no animal companions are some how seriously defective. I try to keep this to myself.

So wickedly (or not?) I am going to tag some blogfriends. These memes seemed so ubiquitous back in the day, but I haven't run into one for awhile. Guessing this is true for blogfriends too. So here you go, lets see what seven yummy things we might learn from;

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Awesome Mom said...

Shoot woman you are lucky I like you. I think I have done this one four or five times already. I am going to have to scrape the bottom of my mental barrel quite hard to come up with something. You are lucky I am doing the 365 Blog marathon so I am desperate for material.

Part of the fun in blogging is the networking so if you want to build your blog readership you have to take the time to comment and go visiting which is something I have a hard time with sometimes. I have a tendency to be an internet hermit which is how I can be in real life too.

I like walking too. I love that it gives me a chance to be in my own mind and think over things.

I had no idea your husband was so much older than you. No wonder he does not do much in the way of laundry. You will have to tell us sometime how you met and all that fun stuff.

The Laundress said...

Hey Awesome,

yep, this meme is a dandy way to start the new year (bloggishly).

I am always STUNNED by younger women with husbands that help out with household tasks (guys who vacuum, daddies who dust? YUM!)

Also crushy on my older neighbors, the men with woodworking shops in their basements who build furniture for their wives. Plus snowblow out all of the neighbors at 6:00 am before the rest of us know it even snowed.

I am the shoveler, the struggler, the worker-bee. My husband grew up MUCH more privileged than I did... our current living situation is much more glorious than I ever knew but much poorer than he is accustomed to... makes for funny business!

Yeah, I signed on for daily blogging but good Lord does that freak me out.

Hope you guys are having a Happy New Year so far!

Chrysalis Angel said...

You did a great job on yours Laundress. I don't know what I'll come up with, but I'll give it a try.

Norma said...

I'm really impressed with your #4. Don't think I've ever seen that observation before.

jmb said...

Interesting answers Merry Laundress, but then you are an unusual person I think.

It's sad but true that people only visit your blog if you visit theirs. So that is very hard work and takes a lot of time. I'm lucky in that I have quite a few people that I have a casual blog relationship with. I might visit them once or twice a month and catch up and then we don't visit again for a bit. No hard feelings. Others are very miffed if you don't visit every time they post. Would you believe I have 229 blogs on my bloglines feed?
I do usually read you on bloglines but don't always come over to comment. I think you write a very good blog so keep it up.

Bankerchick said...

Mine is up!

The Laundress said...

hi y'all,

Oh CA -- your posts are all good. Loved your seven, loved your posts before and after. You are funny but have a lot of heart.

Norma, that I could post ANY thing you hadn't already seen before boggles my mind. You are the undeniable Queen of Bloggers. Thank you!

jmb, oh I do read and often comment on blogs -- but I think I am a sucky commenter (or maybe my monicker is working against me?) or some odd combination. I usually come off all wrong. I have been at this a long time and mostly seem to bore people. Thanks for being kind.

Ms. Chick -- oh boy and I have been there and it is fine! I am full of ENVY! You were very clever to spin this off into capital sins. Bless ya!