Monday, January 05, 2009

Ringing in the New Year (better late than never)

Happy New Year!

Glad to still be around. Delighted that you are here too.

Did you have a good New Year's celebration? Did you do something glitzy? Did you have fun? I hope so. Tell me about it!

Mine was mild. So mild that no effort was made to pop the cork on our $3 bottle of sparkling pear cider. Ah, but I was longing for a bit of glamour and some bubbly.

Instead, 2009 came in like a lamb.

Watched dvds of The Tick (animated, seasons one and two) snuggled up on the good, old couch with my son and our Big Orange Kitty -- in the newly-reclaimed family room, on a television freshly-whisked out of the main living area and bumpily* settled into this previously uninhabitable space. Husband declined the invitation to join us and retreated to party into the new year by reading in bed with his favorite small cat and James Church and Inspector O.

(*er, that means it was dropped and not quite the same since.)

The bulldogs and guinea pigs and birds disregard holidays and other festivities. For them, it is lights out and sound asleep by 9:00 pm, no matter what.

Once again, I was struck by the brilliance of Ben Edlund and wondering if I should be emulating American Maid. Now, she is glamour. Perhaps I should swap the Yaktrax and balaclava (which doesn't really make me look like a ninja) for stilettos and a tiara? Seems like a no-brainer, what a gorgeous character.

Anyhow, just an abbreviated bit of my family (myself, sleeping son, purring Big Orange Kitty) rang in 2009 together.

My daughter had gone off to a party, and I was staying up to chauffeur her home.

Here comes the scary part...

My daughter attended a New Year's Eve party that lasted past midnight. Yep, she is that big now.

The party was hosted by the eldest daughter in a family of five kids. The parents were entertaining 15 additional high school freshmen (I often find just one is too many to amuse) plus allowed each of the younger siblings to invite one friend as a sleep-over buddy (to keep the younger siblings out of the big kids' hair?)

24 children, ages 15 and younger. Not a wealthy family with a slew of hired help and paid entertainment and thousands of square feet to disperse them in. The kids went out and played in the snow, came inside and played that marvelous game Apples to Apples plus drank a barrel of sparkling grape juice and devoured a truckload of baked goods. I know, that sounds pretty precious. But it wasn't, it really happened and it seems to have worked quite well.


And here I die a thousand, hopelessly inadequate parenting deaths.

Your laundress can barely cope with one cousin sleeping over for three nights. That happened between Christmas and New Year's, one sweet extra kid but I was going nuts with the bickering, the teasing, the jolly loudness when all was going well, the damn responsibility of one more person under the roof. And I LOVE the kid. My kids love this cousin. My husband hits it off fabulously with him. He is a great person and good at handling our unruly pets. It was just -- almost -- too much for me.

These people? They had courage. They had pizazz. They had an awesome Christmas tree still up with an amazing model railroad running around it. Mom was smiling when yours truly and other parents showed up at her door, 30 minutes into the new year. Happy, noisy teens were milling around plus a few sleepy little kids were straggling here and there, in pajamas. I am pretty damn positive their teeth were brushed.

30 minutes into the new year and already I am feeling woefully inadequate and hopelessly jealous? Dang but things must improve. Inside my head.

Dark, mean little laundress.


Awesome Mom said...

I was playing World of Warcraft while the rest of my family slept. Thrilling huh?

I love the Tick!! It was one of my favorite cartoons when I was a teenager. Spoon! We have the first two seasons on DVD as well and enjoy watching it over and over. Another cartoon from my youth that I think you might like is Pinky and the Brain. The Brain is a frustrated lab mouse that comes up with elaborate schemes to take over the world, always failing of course.

I am betting that serene mom was a good faker or she was on a tranquilizer.

The Laundress said...

Nothing wrong with WoW, it is very big at my house too and can be quite thrilling.

Love The Tick and waited agonizingly forever for the animated to appear on dvd. No solid fandom for Pinky and The Brain. I have fuzzy recollection of seeing random episodes... will investigate further. Thanks for the tip!

I think the serene mom was really tired but a nice person who is deliberately and actively involved in her all of her kids lives -- in part a benefit of being a full-time at-home mom, not swooping in for dinner/bark about homework/off to bedtime like me and so many others. Envy her that.

Norma said...

Wow--you can sure bring back the memories--how I used to feel when Molly's mom did all that stuff--tons of food, the movies, the overnites--every Friday--and I could barely stand one birthday party a year. Oh well. We all lived through it and tonight she came over and hooked up my tv converter box, and now I can get more than one station. Adult children are fabulous. And they eat at their house.

ThePreemie Experiment said...

Our kids were tucked into their beds at their usual bedtime. We are such horrible mean parents. The 2 year old had no choice, nor did he care. The 10 year old *thought* she had a choice and voiced her emotions in true Charlie Brown/Snoopy form... "ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

As for the smiling mom who hosted the gaggle of kids... either she has a backroom that is filled with stuff and you can't even open the door or she is filled with some guilt and owed her child something. lol Ok, so maybe she was really perfect but it's a lot more fun to imagine that she lives the same reality that I do in my house.

The Laundress said...

Oh lucky Norma! Your own personal digital technician? Sweet. Reassuring to know you too have had parenting envy.

I dropped the television (it is big and heavy and I am some confused version of the Little Red Hen). Moved it myself and now reaping the benefits of moving and dropping it alone -- nobody can watch programs (though it does play dvds and Wii quite nicely).

Family is in a panic, much hostility with two kids plus husband screaming over the intact little tv and relentlessly flipping between Cartoon Network and History Channel and CNN. I sit next to the silent big tv, a floor away, and smile.

Stacy, you and Paige make me laugh. Hadn't occurred to me that maybe the good mother was hiding clutter somewhere... didn't examine her whole house or anything. Maybe you are right. She still tackled a lot and even tired, was smiling. Sweet lady. I am over being jealous. She sure is impressive though!

Bankerchick said...

I was sleeping on the couch and apparently missed the new year coming usual. I have come to lurk several times this year to get my animal knowledge improved, but I am back and will be blogging and commenting a little. Happy New year

The Laundress said...

Ms. Chick!! Thanks for visiting, hope all is well is sunny CA.

Snoozing on the couch is a fine way to ring in the new year and exactly how my son did it too. So far, his year is going great, hope yours is too.

Every time I see a corgi, I think of you. This is pretty often recently, one moved into the neighborhood in November and the owners are quite diligent about walks. The corgi is bundled up in a fleece jacket, it is cold here.

Delighted to hear you are back and blogging, will pay you a visit.


Norma said...

I keep stopping by to borrow a little laundry sudz, but not much going on here.

The Laundress said...

Aw Norma,

Things have been slow, you are right. Outta quarters?

I am going to get my shit together and become a blogging phenomenon again. You betcha. Just waiting for another rinse cycle.

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