Monday, February 02, 2009

Wandering (back on track?)

Managed to finally resume walking-commuting. Waffled awhile before deciding the Yaktrax were jinxed, so I left them in their package. Sidewalks were icy, but I neither witnessed nor participated in any falls. Decided it is foolish to believe in bad luck and jinxed footwear... expecting even better hikes tomorrow.

New plan, to snap out of the winter blues/dreadful funk that has seized me, will just try posting a bit of something here. Precious little bit, but enough for tonight!


Citizen Reader said...

Keep posting, sister! You always brighten my day. And good luck on your walking commute! Hopefully a bit more warmth/sun this weekend will melt those sidewalks for you.

The Laundress said...

Why, thank YOU ma'am, for visiting. I wish I had caught more than a wafting away glimpse of you IRL the other day.

Walking is way more than fine, it does me good. I know it.

Must just forget the hoped-for caloric consumption and for damn sure there is NO shiny halo of fitness hovering above MY head.

I just plain like walking and somehow it straightens out a bit my tangled, socially-awkward, usually slovenly brain. My world is GOOD when I am walking.

Irish blessing all over you, hope sun and wind and everything else is favoring you!


Anonymous said...

I hate to bring this up but isnt it about time for Hans latest checkup?

Missed you while you were gone from here.


mary said...

Have heard the yaktraks work well.
This week went walking on south facing slopes where the snow has melted away. Came home with mud on the seat of my pants and a pocket full of fossilized snail shells. Mud season...great, I guess!

Norma said...

In honor of your efforts, and to get out of my computer chair, and because the temperature in Ohio has finally gone over 45, I'm going outside to walk.

The Laundress said...


I am too spooked to visit the PBC list lately...hope you will check in here. We had MRI all day thing on Monday. It was smooth... Hans is older and further away from his ordeals plus he had visited the hospital (as a visitor not a patient) last month, when BF had surgery. He was cool.

Upshot: neurosurgeon says it is "less enhancing" and maybe not a brain tumor at all (!) SO our current diagnosis of "malignant neoplasm of brain" might be something else? Damn... they could have figured this out earlier, oh well? Anyhow, neurosurgeon says without surgery or chemo, it is less enhancing so maybe it was some sort of (not neurosurgeon's turf) brain infection and the kidney stuff and all just threw complications all around... well whatever, but god damn. Good news? Hesitant. Tentative. I will take it. And run away. Gotta go back next year, no not free and clear, but not bad and maybe better? yeah, baby that is news we can use!!!!!!

Bless you Jalena and hope all is WELL with you and yours and damn but almost all bad on PBT list... you think my happyish tale would do them good or should I stay away? Torn on that.

The Laundress said...

Norma and Mary,

keep walking! I am walking and it is good. Norma, you and I should take a lead from Mary, snail shells in pocket sounds like a very good thing!

Anonymous said...

Good news is always welcome on the list. We hurt with those not doing well and celebrate with those who are. And this is definitely good news, I think. Cant wait for next year to see if its gone or at least significantly smaller. It kind of makes sense in a way. He had alot of infection going on. So, enjoy this year and will tune in the same time next year. Each day we have on this earth, is a blessing and how wonderful you wait that year!!! Give him a hug.

Bankerchick said...

Hope everything is good, we need you back!